Published: Friday, 24 October 2014
Find the best and most talented players for your team

Advertise your needs for highly qualified workers

Introduce yourself to students and graduates looking for a job

Show the benefits of working in your company

Encourage students to participate in various projects

In order to establish better and more successful cooperation between academic and business communities, the University of Novi Sad has founded the Centre for Career Development and Student Counseling. We offer a wide range of free services to employers:

• Company presentations

• Advertising vacancies

• Part-time and full-time jobs

• Volunteering and practice programmes

• Workshops and lectures

• Student projects

• Contests and competitions

* The Centre does not directly intervene in student employment process. We provide relevant information on employment, link students with employers, organize practice and voluntary work, as well as trainings and seminars that on practical knowledge and skills.

•Company presentations:

Present and introduce yourself to students and graduates who are looking for a job. Let everybody know why you are a better employer than others. We offer you to promote your work, business culture and professional values of your company. Introduce its profile, field of work, programmes and employment policy
•Advertising vacancies:
On our website, you can advertise your need for highly qualified employees. You can also contact our students via e-mail, or post a message on the board at our Centre, or different faculties
•Part-time and full-time jobs:
If you need young, hardworking people for part-time and full-time jobs, the Centre is here to connect you with students who need practical experience

•Volunteering and practice programmes: An excellent opportunity to meet your potential employees, see if they could respond to your needs and promote socially engaged work of your company .

•Workshops and lectures:
Share your knowledge with students. Give them lectures, workshops and seminars on skills and knowledge you expect your future employees to have
•Student projects:
Find students to take part in various projects, such as: translation, design, software building, marketing etc. We guarantee high-quality services and new ideas. Be the first to choose best professionals of tomorrow!

•Contests and competitions :
Give students a specific task or problem to solve. Find the best and most talented members of your future team of experts.