Services for students and graduates

Published: Friday, 24 October 2014

Students and graduates of the University of Novi Sad may register at the Centre for Career Development, by filling out the registration form:





• Information on job vacancies, practices, volunteering, scholarships:
You will get the latest information directly to your mail;

• Assistance on writing biographies, CVs, motivational letters and job applications:
Send a CV and job application to mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or come to us, so we can help you write your CV. Let it represent you in the best way possible.

• The possibility of making your own profile and posting your biography on our website:
After registering in the Centre, leave further information about yourself or post a CV. Let employers find you more easily.

• Company presentations and meetings with employers:
We organise meetings with companies, where you can have fresh information on skills and knowledge that employers require.

• Workshops, trainings and skill improvement seminars on career development:
We organise different lectures and workshops on improving your skills necessary to get a job more easily

• Counseling and job interview simulations:
You got an invitation for a job interview?
You don’t know what to expect?
Schedule an appointment with a psychologist in our Centre. They will help you prepare yourself.

• Computers with permanent Internet connections:
In addition our website, you can explore other database on jobs, current scholarships, trainings or seminars.

• Individual student counseling on career development:

If you have any dilemmas regarding your career development, make an interview appointment in our Centre. The Centre provides consultative services to students who have a dilemma in choosing a career or position on the job market after graduation.

Counseling on career choices and career development is a process that allows individuals to recognise and use their resources to bring an informed decision regarding a career, and to successfully solve problems regarding their professional goals.

- Brief counseling on local level, by e-mail or telephone

- Longer consultations for personal career development and professional orientation;

• Awards for students of undergraduate studies, integrated undergraduate and graduate academic studies-master and undergraduate students under former higher education system at faculties within the University of Novi Sad

The University annually awards prizes for students who achieved exceptional success in the field of their studies, professional and scientific work, art and sport.

Awards consist of diplomas, certificates, or different amounts of money

- Awards go to:

- the best student of the University;
- the best student of the Faculty;
- students who completed their studies in the previous school year and achieved exceptional success during those studies
- student for exceptional success during overall studies;
- student who achieved the top score in arts;
- student who achieved the top score in sport;
- student who made a scientific research or professional work

• Useful literature at the Central Library of the University:

In the Central Library of the University you can find many useful, foreign and domestic books on business skills, communication and career development. Books are provided by USAID grant project for the development of competitiveness. Some of them are:

- Samopredstavljanje: taktike i stilovi, Burušić Josip
- Life Coach – Kako upravljati karijerom, Tatjana Divjak
- Kako se svideti drugima, Nicholas Boothman
- Какo se uspješno prodati, Saša Petar
- Recite to jasnije i glasnije, Saša Petar
- Sastanak, Barker Alan
- Umijeće javnog nastupa, Deb Gottesman, Buzz Mauro
- Poslovna komunikacija, drugo izmenjeno i dopunjeno izdanje, Marina Marković
- Njihovo vreme – najveći lideri biznisa 20. veka, Entoni J. Mejo, Natan Noria
- Finding the Career that Fits You Workbook, Larry Burkett, Lee Ellis
- Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type, Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron
- Career Counseling: A Holistic Approach, Vernon G. Zunker